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Privacy & Data

Brockwell Capital Limited (Brockwell) is fully committed to the protection and security of all data held by it. This includes the retention and secure data transfer from and to Brockwell in the course of carrying out Brockwell’s duties as agent of certain insurers.

We collect and use relevant information about clients in order to provide insurance cover and to meet our legal obligations (e.g. anti-money laundering checks or verification checks). This information includes (i) details such as name, address and contact details and any other information that we collect in connection with the insurance cover and for verification purposes, and (ii) finance-related information, such as the amount of insurance coverage and details of the insurance.

No client information is retained, disclosed to, or shared with, any another party, except in the normal course of negotiating, facilitating, maintaining or renewing the client’s insurance, unless the client gives their prior written consent to certain information being retained and / or released to a third-party for a particular purpose.

The way insurance works means that information may be shared with, and used by, a number of third parties in the insurance sector. For example, insurers, insurance agents or insurance brokers, reinsurers, loss adjusters, sub-contractors, regulators, law enforcement agencies, fraud and crime prevention and detection agencies and compulsory insurance databases. We will only disclose personal information in connection with the insurance cover that we provide and to the extent required or permitted by law.